About Us

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We Created Emerging Forward to bring guidance, tools, and resources to those who wish to enjoy the priceless benefits of living life Authentically.

We envision a world where people take time to go inward when they feel an emotion, they really let themselves feel and connect with themselves.

We believe that in order to find peace and harmony in life or to truly experience deep and meaningful relationships one must first be able to love themselves.

This is the first step in ones journey to Authenticity. It is a constant struggle to "be authentic" in the day to day world. So many of us get caught up in a cycle of always doing things that just don't "feel right" because other people, Institutions or society in general pressures us to conform to. Real strength comes from being able to stand up and take back that control and be "genuine" and "Authentic". This does require effort and we have compiled years of knowledge to help guide you to that freedom!

We have also found that many of us have repressed things we do not even realize and in order to unlock our true potential must practice connecting with and healing our child selves. This is a component many people do not realize even needs attention but we have seen many profound Transformations that erupt from connecting with ones child self to heal old wounds.

We are committed to offering our years of research and experience to guide you down the path to loving yourself, living Authentically, and nurturing a life of peace, harmony, and healthful abundance!

We Invite you to come with us on YOUR very own Journey to Live an Authentic Life!

Who are we?


We are Also very Proud to have Sarah on our team!

Sarah-Certified SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor

Sarah is a Certified SOMA Breath Advanced Instructor, She leads both in person and online sessions. She currently offers a variety of Energized Meditation and Awakening Journeys.

Topics include: Inner Child, Embracing Fear, Gratitude, Transcending Stress (FLOW), Breathe and Recover (Recovery based), Self Love. 

She Envisioned our mission to be really authentic, honest and raw (where appropriate) and create content that helps people love themselves and "move" (feel) emotions, and EMERGE FORWARD in their lives.

She is very passionate about this as she experienced it after discovering SOMA Breath. She also encourages all like minded people to reach out, connect with her, and share in the joy of SOMA Breath,

She especially likes to help people who experience self hate, anxiety, panic, chronic fatigue and physical pain, because these are things she has experienced.  She has also experienced a lot of wonderful self love and will happily attest to it how GOOD IT FEELS. 

She also Loves to share about the big increase in energy she experienced when she did the SOMA Breath 21 day journey, which was such a big deal for her because that is exactly what she was looking for when she found SOMA Breath - help with chronic fatigue.

Because of this, we feel she is uniquely qualified to help certain people, and Know she loves to pass along what she has learned to anyone who might benefit from it. 

In addition, Sarah is very well versed in inner child work, parts work, and any deep emotional work and is very competent at offering presence for our community to have safe space to do so. 

She has been a serious student practitioner of the Isha Judd system for about four years (Though she is NOT a facilitator), she has also Studied the teachings of Teal Swan, Dr. Joe Dispenza and is currently studying the Kyle Cease system.  She also holds a BA in Psychology and Women's Studies.

Regarding the subjects of chronic fatigue and pain, she has learned much from Dan Neuffer while completing his ANS Rewire program, as well as from Raelan Agle.

Sarah has taken many useful tools and resources from each of these valuable sources and more to bring together into what has become her passion.