Q - What Value does LIVING AUTHENTICALLY bring to my life?
    A - The benefits are limitless! They include reducing stress, relieving anxiety, improving social skills, growing confidence, strengthening high quality personal relationships, and nurturing an overall feeling of inner peace and harmony.
    Q - What is Bottom of Breath?
    A - Bottom of Breath is our Breathwork Class series we offer as part of our overall offerings. This includes all Breathwork sessions many of which feature SOMA Breath®
    Q - What is SOMA Breath®?
    A - SOMA stands for the “Science of Magnetic Attraction.” When you bring in inner harmony, you create a magnetic personality.  In essence, SOMA Breath® is the science of respiration — when you learn to breathe correctly, you can return to your natural state of health. On top of that, you will become a happy person who’s high on life.

    Q - Can SOMA Breath Breathwork Techniques Truly Improve My Overall Health?
    A - Absolutely, a regular practice overseen by a qualified Instructor can have truly transformational effects on your health and well being. For an explanation of the science behind SOMA breath Visit here.

    Q - is SOMA Breath® Safe?
    A - Yes, Practicing SOMA Breath® is safe for all ages for individuals who do not have severe health issues. review our contraindications for details on those who may be restricted. Or ask your Instructor.
    Q - How is SOMA Breath® Different from other breathwork modalities?
    A - SOMA Breath® represents a comprehensive holistic system encompassing a variety of breathwork techniques. Recognizing the individuality of each person, SOMA Breath® rejects the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach and tailors its breathing techniques to meet diverse needs. At the core of Soma's therapeutic breathwork are pranayama techniques, specifically selected for their robust scientific backing.

      The foundation of The Awakening draws inspiration from the esteemed pranayama technique known as Nishessha Rechaka Kumbhaka and the ancient Soma ritual, extensively referenced in the Rig Veda—an ancient text forming the basis of contemporary Hinduism and the Vedic philosophy from which yoga originates. Additionally, it is influenced by the breathwork technique integral to the Wim Hof Method, developed by Wim Hof, a close associate and mentor to Niraj Naik. Dr. Prakash Malshe, an Indian doctor near Rishikesh—the birthplace of yoga—also contributes with his use of pranayama and yoga in patient treatment. Swami Ambikananda Saraswati, known for her prominent yoga school in the UK rooted in early traditional yoga practices, adds to the inspirations.
      In contrast to modern counterparts like Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathwork, and Transformational Breath, which emphasize a single hyperventilation method, SOMA Breath® takes a cautious approach. These methods, due to their potential to induce oxidative stress in the body through excess oxygen, are not recommended for regular use.
      SOMA Breaths unique offering, The Awakening, stands out as a practice suitable for regular engagement, promising positive health and psychological benefits without the drawbacks associated with excessive oxygenation.