Why SOMA Breath® is Transforming the world of Wellness


Soma Breath primarily aims to optimize your breathing patterns, ensuring that your resting breath rate stabilizes at 3-4 breaths per minute. Contrastingly, the average person inhales more than 10 breaths per minute, while individuals experiencing high stress may exceed 20 breaths per minute. This transformative approach to breathing serves as a safeguard against diseases, fosters emotional equilibrium, and facilitates a heightened state of flow.

During periods of heightened emotional stress resulting from the demands of daily life, the body activates the same physiological response as it would under physical stress, akin to rigorous exercise. This leads to an increased demand for oxygen, prompting faster and shallower breathing. Paradoxically, the body ends up inhaling more oxygen than necessary, similar to the excess oxygen that can intensify a fire, causing damage when excessive or inhibiting energy production when inadequate. Therefore, optimal oxygen levels are crucial.

Much like metal corrodes in the presence of oxygen, the body undergoes oxidative stress. Managing oxygen intake becomes pivotal in preventing oxidative stress, which can be compared to the role of antioxidants in food preventing free radical damage to cells. Hence, mastering proper breathing reduces the need for excessive food consumption.

In essence, Soma Breath's objective is to enable individuals to breathe efficiently, effectively managing stress while maintaining optimal functionality. Proficiency in oxygen utilization translates to enhanced energy creation, fostering overall health, strength, and happiness.

Beyond the physiological benefits, breathwork delves into the depths of the psyche, uncovering subconscious meta-programming— ingrained beliefs, habits, and imprints shaping one's worldview since birth. Through specialized breathing exercises, coupled with hypnotic suggestion in the form of The Awakening ritual, the opportunity arises to reprogram the subconscious operating system. This transformative process instills a new, empowered set of habits and beliefs, paving the way for eventual liberation and the shedding of robotic tendencies.