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Awakening Breath Journey SOMA Breath® Breathwork Meditation Session Live online via Zoom - Loving All Your Parts

Awakening Breath Journey SOMA Breath® Breathwork Meditation Session Live online via Zoom - Loving All Your Parts

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SOMA Breath® Awakening Breath Journey Session Details:

This Loving All Your Parts SOMA Breath® Energized Meditation online session will include, Guided Meditation and 2-4 full rounds of SOMA Breath® breathwork

Embracing and demonstrating love for all facets of our personality is an essential journey towards self-acceptance and personal growth. Each aspect, whether perceived as strengths or vulnerabilities, contributes to the unique tapestry of who we are. By extending love to every part of ourselves, we create a nurturing environment for personal development and resilience. Embracing our flaws and quirks allows us to cultivate authenticity, fostering genuine connections with others. It is through acknowledging and cherishing every trait, even those we may consider imperfect, that we truly embark on a path of self-discovery and compassion. In this journey of self-love, we become more resilient, understanding that our complexities are what make us beautifully human.

Engaging in parts work proves instrumental on our journey to personal well-being by offering a compassionate and insightful approach to understanding the various aspects of our psyche. This therapeutic practice, often employed in modalities like Internal Family Systems (IFS), encourages us to explore and acknowledge different facets of our personality. By recognizing and dialoguing with these inner "parts," whether they represent strengths, vulnerabilities, or past traumas, we gain valuable insights into our behaviors and emotions. Parts work empowers us to develop a more harmonious relationship with ourselves, fostering self-compassion and healing. Through this process, we can navigate challenges with greater resilience, integrating and balancing our diverse internal components for enhanced emotional well-being and personal growth.

Breath Journey Music

This Session Includes a unique combination of powerful and transformational Music Tracks Created by SOMA Breath Exclusively for Breathwork sessions. It features an soothing Movement Track that inspires connection through stretching and simple Yoga Inspired movements. a calming Chanting Track that encourages connection and empowerment and a transformational 3 round Rhythmic Breathing Track with guided Meditation Sections

SOMA Breath Awakening Breath Journey Breathwork

During this Session, The focus will be meditation and Breathwork only and will typically include more rounds of breathwork. The Awakening Breath Journey is designed to allow going deeper and finding deeper connection. breathwork portion of this SOMA breath Awakening Breath Journey Session, you will be giving your self the power to transcend any negative feelings you carry for yourself and release them holding only the love and acceptance and growth possible through Choosing to love every part of you. (even those that you feel need to change). additionally the Intermittent hypoxic training breath holds open the door for true transformational growth as well as physical changes in your body that give tremendous relief and possibly Bliss.

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Music in this Session is created by © SOMA Breath, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Use Authorized under Instructors License

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Session Protocol: SOMA Breath®

Session Series: Awakening Journey

Session Type: Breathwork

Session Breathwork Rounds: 4

Session Style: Group Session

Session Delivery: Live Online Via Zoom

Session Theme: "Loving All Your Parts"

Session Length: Approximately 60 Minutes

This is a LIVE Guided Zoom Group Session
This session features
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