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Stop Worry-Restorative Mind Re-Programming - Digital Download Audio

Stop Worry-Restorative Mind Re-Programming - Digital Download Audio

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Sonic Self Talk Mind Reprogramming - Digital Download Audio Recording.

Volume 1 Stop Worry Affirmations

DELTA Wave Music Track Volume 1

This Audio will focus on Worry.  Worry can be very destructive to our well-being. It stops us from moving forward when it has control. it fuels feelings of Stress and Anxiety. This Audio will work to re-program your mind to replace deeply embedded automated programming that happens on a subconscious level with new, positive programming that is not controlled by unhealthy worry. Begin your transformation to stop worry and embrace responsibility in your life!

The mind is a very powerful part of both our successes and our shortfalls. a Valuable part of ones transformational process is inputting new positive programming to replace our flawed programming. The audio offerings in this series will focus on specific corrupt programs that run in the background and get in the way of our success.

It is recommended to listen to this Audio a minimum of once per day for a MINIMUM of 21 consecutive days. We also recommend you listen with good quality headphones, earbuds or an external stereo speaker.

NOTE: these re-programming audios are a single part of a multi-faceted transformational program. It is recommended to use this in conjunction with Daily Meditation, Breathwork, Proper Nutrition, Movement and any other added tools that may be suggested by your Instructor.

This product is NOT meant to be any form of Medical or psychological advice. Any actions taken by you on this information are at your sole discretion and taken at your own risk. Individual results may vary and cannot be guaranteed. No warranty is expressed or Implied.  We cannot offer refunds on Digital Download Products
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