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Energized Meditation SOMA Breath® Breathwork Session Live online Meditation via Zoom - Breathe & Recover Managing Addiction

Energized Meditation SOMA Breath® Breathwork Session Live online Meditation via Zoom - Breathe & Recover Managing Addiction

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SOMA Breath® Energized Meditation Session Details:

This Breathe and Recover SOMA Breath® Energized Meditation online session will include Yoga, Chanting, Guided Meditation and 4 full rounds of SOMA Breath® breathwork

This session is designed specifically to address managing and coping with various addictive behaviors. This can be Food, Alcohol, Drugs, Shopping, Work, Sex, TV/Netflix, Internet or any number of other addictive behaviors.

Breathwork has emerged as a powerful and holistic approach to support individuals on their journey to recovery from addiction. This practice focuses on intentional and controlled breathing techniques to promote self-awareness, stress reduction, and emotional regulation. Incorporating breathwork into addiction recovery can be transformative, as it helps individuals reconnect with their bodies and navigate the often-challenging emotional landscape that accompanies addiction. Deep and mindful breathing exercises not only serve as a tool to manage cravings and anxiety but also create a sense of calm and clarity. By fostering a mindful awareness of the breath, individuals in recovery can break the cycle of impulsive behaviors and cultivate a heightened sense of presence, allowing them to better cope with triggers and stressors. Breathwork, when integrated into a comprehensive treatment plan, provides a valuable and accessible tool to enhance overall well-being and support sustained recovery efforts.

Music Tracks

This Session Includes a unique combination of powerful and transformational Music Tracks Created by SOMA Breath Exclusively for Breathwork sessions. It features an soothing Movement Track that inspires connection through stretching and simple Yoga Inspired movements. a calming Chanting Track that encourages connection and empowerment and a carefully selected transformational 4 round Rhythmic Breathing Track with guided Meditation Sections.


In this session you will be guided to overcome the programmed default behaviors that trap you in the endless cycle of addictive behaviors.  During the Energized Meditation Movement portion you can move the energy that engulfs your body from almost infinite sources of stress anxiety and fear that drive you toward escapism and addictive behaviors.

Chanting and Guided Meditation

During the chanting portion you may embrace the existence of your addictions and nurture them. Then you will be guided on a journey to explore its origin, sit with it, accept responsibility and find the power to emerge forward toward recovery. 

SOMA Breath Energized Meditation Breathwork

Finally, during the breathwork portion of this SOMA breath Energized Meditation Session, you will be giving your self the power to transcend your addictive behaviors and release them holding only the love and acceptance and growth possible through their existence. additionally the Intermittent hypoxic training breath holds open the door for true transformational growth as well as physical changes in your body that give tremendous relief and possibly Bliss.

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Music in this Session is created by © SOMA Breath, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Use Authorized under Instructors License

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Session Protocol: SOMA Breath®

Session Series: Energized Meditation

Session Type: Breathwork

Session Breathwork Rounds: 4

Session Style: Group Session

Session Delivery: Live Online Meditation Via Zoom

Session Theme: "Breathe and Recover - Managing Addiction"

Session Length: Approximately 60 Minutes

This is a LIVE Guided Zoom Group Session
This session features
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Recovery Reinforcement!

I have made it to a couple of Sarahs classes. to start off the year.. I attended this class a week after I threw away my vape. & told myself that I wouldn't go back...

Sarah really helped reinforce my idea of leaving that unhealthy thing back in 2023.. With her guided meditation and rounds of breath work, i believe we strengthened my will to really give up on it. I am now 14 days without having it!

Sarah class was smooth and easy to follow along with.

I will definitely be attending more classes in the future..!

Untether negative thought patterns

I have experienced several of Sarah's SOMA Breath Journeys and they have all been amazing and my experience has been different each time.
For this particular journey my intention was for releasing the behaviours and thought patterns that are self sabotaging - for example , hiding under the duvet to 'have a think' if something feels scary or out of my comfort zone, or by distracting myself. I can imagine judgement from others which isn't there, or fear judgement from others and either hide or not show up. Or feel small inside. Not centred in my own power.

The music for this journey - Alpha healing Bliss took me to a very deep and spacious place. I had a memory from when I was child and I was scared by the shape of a little mark of putty on the window pane which looked like a sheep's skull. My father got some paint and a small brush and altered it into something else. The message I received is that I can reconfigure my own scary thoughts and imaginings. And that as children we can often create our own superstitions and as adults we just create them in a different way, to make sense of the world and keep ourselves' safe'. It helped me see how malleable my thoughts are and that I can change them for the better.
The second image I recollect is that my negative thought patterns were like strips of black bin bag or black fabric tied onto a barbed wire fence. And I was able to untie them and set them free, like birds.

Sarah has such a wonderful way of guiding sessions, using just the right suggestions , directions and questions and leaving just the right amount of space.

I love the insights that drop in from these sessions. They are always a revelation. Like finding my own treasure trove of answers and guidance within me.

I highly recommend any of Sarah's sessions. Wonder Full!
Thank you Sarah! XX

Mesha Sayeed
Life changing!!!

Sarah’s sessions are life changing. She has the ability to take you in a meditative state that’s absolutely blissful. There’s something about her voice, her affirmations, her direction, which is just unique and wonderful. Thank you Sarah for being such a wonderful guide and for helping me finally fall in love with meditation.