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SOMA Breath Breathwork Meditation Sessions at River West Yogashala

SOMA Breath Breathwork Meditation Sessions at River West Yogashala

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SOMA Breath® Breathwork Meditation Session Details:

This SOMA Breath® Breathwork Meditation Session at River West Yogashala will Be a Fluid session!

If you do not live in the Milwaukee Area Visit our Schedule of Online SOMA Breath Guided Breathwork Meditation Sessions

Your Instructor will create a different session topic each time to keep your experience Fun, Fresh and Exciting! 

The session May include Movement with Dance, shaking or even Superbrain Yoga, (also called neurobics, it’s like dance or aerobics but has additional benefit to connect the two hemispheres of our brains),

Your session also may or may not include Chanting or Guided Meditation and it will include a minimum of 2 Full rounds and up to 5 Full rounds of SOMA Breath® breathwork

Music Tracks

This Session Includes a unique combination of powerful and transformational Music Tracks Created by SOMA Breath Exclusively for Breathwork sessions. It will be carefully selected by your instructor specifically for each session with the purpose of creating the perfect environment for the topic of the day! Each Track will include appropriate music for any movement or chanting that may be included and will always include an immersive music track for rhythmic breathing and breath holds!


In this session you will be guided to deeply connect with what you truly want in your life. During the Energized Meditation Movement portion you can connect deeply, then move the energy necessary that may be blocking you from reaching your goals. Finally, it will energize you to take action and emerge forward to take the steps necessary to live authentically..

Chanting and Guided Meditation

If your Instructor includes the chanting portion you may embrace the existence of your wants and desires for your life and build energy and confidence to nurture it. Then you will be guided on a journey to explore how YOU can MAKE it happen!

SOMA Breath Breathwork Meditation

Finally, during the breathwork portion of this SOMA breath Energized Meditation Session, you will be giving your self the power to transcend any roadblocks that have you stuck where you are and release them holding only the love, acceptance and growth possible through small daily actions. Additionally the Intermittent hypoxic training breath holds open the door for true transformational growth as well as physical changes in your body that give tremendous relief and possibly Bliss.

Session Protocol: SOMA Breath®

Session Series: Local at River West Yogashala

Session Type: Breathwork

Session Breathwork Rounds: Ranges 2-5 Instructors Discretion

Session Style: Group Session

Session Delivery: Live In Person

Session Theme: Topics will vary at Instructors Discretion

Session Length: Approximately 60 Minutes

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Music in this Session is created by © SOMA Breath, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Use Authorized under Instructors License

You MUST register to attend this Session. Limited spaces are available
Reserve your spot NOW!
This is a Live In PERSON Guided Session at the Following Location:
River West Yogashala
731 E Locust St
Milwaukee, WI 53212

This Session features
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Customer Reviews

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Nicholas Hemenway
Fantastic Experience That Promotes Introspection, Relaxation, and Healing

Sarah was fantastic and very personable. I've done some breath work in the past but Soma breath was a bit different. Breathing rhythmically to music was a totally new experience that felt natural, engaging, and helped me to completely let my mind/thoughts go. The whole experience was much more playful and the full body movements really helped to let go of stress and tension before going into the breathing sessions. I loved the experience and would recommend to anyone looking to get more in touch with their inner self.