Collection: Upcoming SOMA Breath Energized Meditation Sessions

These Energized Meditation breathwork sessions focus on SOMA Breath® breathing techniques and may include additional components like Movement, Dance, Shaking, Ecstatic Dance, Meditation, Yoga, Stretching, Etc..

These SOMA Breath® Breathwork Sessions may Include Energized Meditation framework,, Awakening Breath Journeys, or Breath Raves. Typically they will have a topic we will be focused on so Please Browse the Topics we have available and register for those you need most!

If a session you have interest in shows as "Sold Out" it simply means we have none of that session scheduled within the next 7 days.

Check back often to see availability or click on session and find the tab (right side of page) to be notified when this class is available. (please do not be shy, we can only have room on the schedule for a select number of sessions and you adding your name to the waiting list will likely get that session back on the schedule much sooner.) We WANT to have the sessions scheduled that YOU want and will benefit from most.